We Bought a House! 3 Lessons Learned in our Home Search.


Preston and I are so excited to share that we bought a house. We have been searching for SIX MONTHS which is why we advise all of our buyers to 1) start early and 2) be patient! This house wasn’t even o the market, we found an off-market house and negotiated with the owner to sell it. People always ask how did you do that?

Three keys to finding your Home:

The answer is, we got specific with what we wanted. Through our search, we knew we wanted a house in a specific neighborhood and with a specific style. For us, it was a historic craftsman with a large front porch. The neighborhood we narrowed in on is a historic neighborhood that several investors are flipping homes in. This means that inventory is low and goes very quickly so we knew we had to get creative! Preston and I are lucky that we have several buyers in the area as well so we had a great idea of what inventory was coming up and were always nearby to catch things like moving trucks and for rent signs to ask if they wanted to sell. We also had to be flexible on other items, like updates and number of bedrooms.

And that is exactly how we found our house! It was actually for rent so we called the phone number on the sign to ask how much they wanted to rent it for and if they ever considered selling. At this point, we were searching for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. When we made the call to find out about the house we knew one thing: we loved the curb appeal and it met our two must-haves: location and style (aka porch for Preston). A big risk that I would not recommend to anyone not in real estate is we gave an estimate price range we were willing to pay without even seeing the house! Some of these photos are not the best because the first time we saw the house it was getting painted so ALL of the windows were taped off making it feel a lot darker and outdated.

This was definitely a long process of listening to our hearts, taking risks, negotiating, and praying. Preston fell in love the first time we saw the for rent sign. I honestly took a little longer to warm up to the house-it needed more updates than other homes we saw and it was smaller than we were initially looking for. But at the end of the day, it felt like home and we knew we were meant to be the next owners to take care of this well-loved house. When we met the sellers it was clear they had amazing memories in this house and when we closed, they were so happy we are getting the opportunity to make more memories in it.

We have learned so much as first time home buyers and are very excited to share our lessons learned through the buying and the renovation process. If you have any questions, let us know!